Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Clear Way

It's been awhile since I've maintained a blog since I think many of them are self promoting and designed to bring attention to one's "happenings". Certainly not all blogs are of this type, but it has kept me from keeping one of my own for awhile. I realize now that a blog can be whatever one wishes it to be and how it's seen...or how I am not my problem. I can only express what I want to express and hope that it is of some interest or even useful to others. To even think beyond oneself is a bit narcissistic, but I grew up believing (and was taught by my parents) that others' reactions to my words, thoughts, and actions were my responsibility. I'm learning now that I am only responsible for my own business and no one else's, which frees me to be a more calm and relaxed individual. It also allows me to be an a-hole from time to time in the sense that I didn't ever allow myself to be one before as it was beyond shame to make a mistake like saying the wrong thing. "Not a capital offense!" That's what comes to mind now.

This also is the point in the blog where I have previously tried to create some grand vision of what the blog would be about going forward. However, I'm going for a bit more "stream of conciousness" this time around and writing whatever comes to mind. Of course with the blog's title I think one can expect some discussions of zen and "at home" life since I practice zazen and the art of fatherhood everyday as a stay at home dad. A year ago I took the precepts and received the dharma name, Dosho. It literally means "The way that is clear" which I have always taken to be a bit tongue-in-cheek since life's path has rarely seemed clear to me. Yet, beyond all the crap that fills my head I have begun to suspect that life is much clearer than I thought and if I just watch as the world flies by perhaps I can see what lies ahead, at least a little.

So, a little less "I", "Me", and "Myself". More "No-I", "No-Me", "No-Myself". Very zennie, perhaps stinkingly so, but honest and straightforward. Clear the way! OK, that was a bit over the top. ;)


  1. Dosho, man of few words? Just tripped across your blog and thought I should say how much I look forward to your clear and encouraging insights at Treeleaf, thank you for that and I'll keep watching this space for your "stream of consciousness" postings.
    gassho, Shokai aka Richard in Sarnia, ON

  2. My sentiments exactly Shokai...


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